Bunion services offered in Las Cruces, NM


Bunions are an unfortunate foot condition that usually worsens without treatment. Fortunately, the Mesilla Valley Footcare team provides customized treatments to the Las Cruces, New Mexico community. Experienced podiatrists Rolando Cadena, DPM, and Clair Cadena Miranda, DPM, quickly diagnose bunions and provide lifestyle remedies and effective treatments to relieve bunion pain. To schedule an appointment for bunion pain, call the office today or request a consultation with Dr. Cadena or Dr. Miranda on the website.


What are bunions?

Bunions, or hallux valgus, happen when a “bump” forms on the side of the large or smallest toe, referred to as a tailor’s bunion or bunionette.

The bump on the big toe happens when the bones of the metatarsophalangeal joint, or MTP, move out of their usual place, which causes the big toe to begin to lean inward toward the second toe.

When you have a bunion, the bump is often painful and makes it hard to walk normally or wear shoes as it gets worse. If left untreated, bunions usually progress, sometimes leading to permanent joint deformity.

The major problem with bunions is that the MTP joint carries much of the body’s weight and provides support. When a bunion affects the joint, it becomes difficult to bear weight on the foot.

What causes bunions?

Bunions happen for various reasons, the most common being the disruption of normal pressure on the foot joints. Bunions themselves aren’t genetic – it’s your foot structure and walking mechanics that your parents pass down to you.

Years of pressure from abnormal motion to the MTP joint bring on bunions. Foot structure and your natural gait are critical components in bunion development.

Other factors that contribute to bunion deformities include injuries to the MTP joint, congenital abnormalities, and neuromuscular disorders.

How are bunions treated?

The type of treatment you need for a bunion depends on the severity of the condition and what you’ve already tried to address it. You may benefit from lifestyle modifications, which include wearing shoes with a wide toe box and putting a spacer between the big toe and second toe.

Dr. Cadena and Dr. Miranda also offer other conservative treatments that help improve pain and mobility in the affected foot. They may provide physical therapy, medications, or padding and taping for relief.

Orthotics are another option that allows you to reduce pain and improve how you walk with a bunion to prevent progression. The team offers a variety of treatment options that may be combined for the best outcome.

Surgery for bunions is an option when conservative treatments haven’t helped or when your bunion is severe enough to make walking and wearing shoes nearly impossible.

Call the Mesilla Valley Footcare team today to schedule an appointment for bunion treatment or request a consultation on the website.