Arch and Heel Pain

Arch and Heel Pain services offered in Las Cruces, NM

Arch and Heel Pain

Pain occurring anywhere between the heel and toes is known as arch pain. At Mesilla Valley Footcare in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Rolando Cadena, DPM, and Clair Cadena Miranda, DPM, offer personalized foot care for conditions that cause arch pain. Plantar fasciitis is one of the leading causes of arch pain, which can be chronic or acute. Dr. Cadena and Dr. Miranda provide quick and efficient care for plantar fasciitis and other causes of foot arch pain. Call the Mesilla Valley Footcare team today or request a consultation for arch pain on the website.

What is an arch?

Unless you have flat feet, you have an arch under each foot. The arch is located in the area between the ball of your foot and your heel, where the tissues form an arch to support your body.

Your arch includes bones, tendons, and ligaments from three separate arches, forming one large arch. Your arches are crucial to supporting you during any activity you do on your feet.

One significant advantage of having arches is shock absorption. Arches help absorb shock to your legs, hips, and back when you walk, run, and jump.

Other ways arches support your feet and body include carrying your weight, providing balance and stability, and helping adapt to terrain changes.

What causes arch pain?

The arches take on a lot of wear and tear, making them susceptible to injury. One of the most common causes of arch pain is plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis happens when the tissue that forms the arch (plantar fascia) becomes inflamed or injured. The plantar fascia is strong and tough but causes severe pain and disability when inflamed.

Flat feet also cause arch pain, even though there’s no visible arch. Without an arch to support the feet, flat feet can lead to pain in the heel and middle of the foot where the arch should be.

You may also have arch pain if you’re overweight or from overuse and repeated strain.

How is arch pain treated?

The good news is that arch pain is straightforward to treat in most cases. The Mesilla Valley Footcare team carefully evaluates your feet and symptoms to determine the cause of your pain. Then, they develop a treatment plan.

Dr. Cadena and Dr. Miranda treat the root cause of arch pain for the best outcomes. They manage plantar fasciitis through lifestyle modifications, steroid injections, and shoe inserts. 

Physical therapy is another successful treatment for plantar fasciitis and flat feet. It helps you build strength and flexibility around your feet to relieve arch pain.

Surgery is only considered when other treatments haven’t provided significant relief from arch pain or you have a severe injury to the foot.

To find out what other treatments the Mesilla Valley Footcare team offers, call the practice today to schedule an appointment or request a consultation on the website.